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Why Crossroads

Crossroads New York Cultural Center is a meeting place for people who share a passion for knowing.
This passion is aroused by wonder and attraction because "out there" things are, because life is given, always as a new and unexpected event that nourishes our experience.
This focus on reality as event (and not on ideas) determines the "style" of our cultural work:
We prize encountering people, because every human being is an irreducible novelty.
We want to meet them at the "crossroads" of life, regardless of any cultural, religious or social boundary.
We value beauty, because it sparks the wonder and attraction at the origin of human experience.
We are interested in the events that shape our world, because what happens always contains a suggestion, a hint that affects and may change our lives.
We cherish appreciating and testing our heritage, because the fabric of our life is woven from all the events that happened before us.
Thus, Crossroads aims to be, above all, a place where education takes place, that is, where we may learn to look with openness, curiosity and critical judgment at every aspect of reality.

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