Crossroads on the Road

Lectures and performances on art, music, and theatre for your next event. Contact us for more information.

Being able to appreciate the most valuable expression of human creativity and freedom is a powerful enhancement of every dimension of life, regardless of any social, cultural, or personal condition. Often, in the wonder that occurs to us in front of a work of art or a great human achievement or discovery, we experience the sense that all of life points to something “beyond”, mysterious and great that, similarly to the vanishing point in a painting, gives perspective, profundity and substance to everything. We may or may not be able to give a name and a face to it. Even so, we cannot deny that when we feel this “beyond”, our humanity is improved.  We believe that the purpose of education is precisely the introduction to reality in its full dimension, so that this “vanishing point” may be recognized. And since one of the Crossroads’ main goal is to offer opportunities, open to everybody, for this education to take place, we have decided to… hit the road and to reach out.

Crossroads, in addition to organizing its own events, is happy to make available to other organizations, entities, cultural centers, schools and parishes, some of its speakers and theirs most enriching and successful presentations in art, music, Church history and theater. These 90-minutes presentations, which have been put together by experts in the various subject matters, can be easily take place at the premises of the requesting organization for a modest fee, are targeted to a non-specialized audience, and only require a minimum of equipment.

Here is a list of available presentations:


  1. Beethoven and the Thirst for Life: An Introduction to the 5th Symphony

    A guided listening tour of Beethoven’s most famous work in which the composer redefines the symphonic form giving voice to the most pressing questions of his life.
  2. Mozart and the Promise of Mercy: A Guided Listening to the Requiem

    Mozart composed this piece as he was dying and provides us with a deeply personal insight into his musical genius and deeply Catholic soul.

Presenter: Jonathan Fields

Headshot of Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields, composer, music teacher and lecturer, graduated first in his class from Mannes College of Music. Then, in 1982, he joined David Horowitz Music Associates, where he has been the award-winning composer of hundreds of television and radio spots. He has also composed a variety of musical works spanning multiple genres, including film scores, soundtracks for TV series, a mass, hymns and many others. In recent years he has been a frequent lecturer and musical educator, and the author of several publications aimed at introducing new audiences to the world of classical music, including some of the listener's guide in the Spirto Gentil series.


CD player or audio system that can be connected to an iPod, podium and microphone


  1. Maurice and Therese: Story of a Love

    A theatrical portrayal of the letters between a struggling seminarian and St. Therese of Lisieux.

    Maurice and Therese is a Blackfriars Repertory Theatre production. It is based on the book by Bishop Patrick Ahern, it has been edited for theatrical presentation by Fr. Richard Veras and Kenneth and Naomi Genuard and is directed by Fr. Veras. Maurice and Therese has been performed in Boston, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and in New York City, where it received Bishop Ahern’s enthusiastic endorsement.

Blackfriars Repertory Theatre

The Blackfriars Repertory Theatre is directed by Fr. Peter Cameron, O.P., Editor of Magnificat.

Kenneth and Naomi Genuard

Headshot of Kenneth Genuard Headshot of Naomi Genuard

Kenneth and Naomi Genuard are New York-based actors


The play is intended to be performed in a church or in a sanctuary.

Sound system, one dressing room; two wooden tables; two wooden chairs from which the letters will be read; a kneeler.

More Information

For more information or to request any of the above presentations, please contact:

Rita Simmonds
Events Coordinator
(347) 713-5146.

Dates and times are subject to speaker availability. All honorarium are to be made payable directly to the party or parties offering the presentation and do not include traveling and lodging expenses if outside Manhattan.