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Skills to "succeed"

A very good article on higher education. The conclusion, however, is weak: precisely because the problem is cultural (instrumentalism, technocracy, education as the door to the bourgeois life-style), public universities are affected by the same problems as private ones (except for the fact that it is easier to get in).

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I think the article is too one-sided, somehow the author seems to have only spoken with students who chose to give up a sense of intellectual honesty, and in fact seem rather shallow. In my time at Yale I met many students with a real sincerity and earnestness -- sure there may not have been the courage or resources to follow through on their inspirations (which is why so many go into consulting and finance) -- still my experience is that many students are hungry for a real companionship and new ideas.

July 28, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEvelyn Tang

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