BROWN, Wesley

Wesley A. BrownFor over 30 years, Wesley Brown has been an avid collector, student, and author of old maps. His map collecting and study is focused on two areas: the earliest world maps up to the year 1540, and the exploration and settlement of Colorado from the 16th century through the 20th century

Wes is a Denver resident who co-founded the Rocky Mountain Map Society in 1990 and served as its President for its first seven years. He has served as an advisor to collection development for the Library of Congress and the Denver Public Library.

Wes doesn’t just read about or study explorers – he is one! He loves mountain climbing and has climbed over 400 different named peaks in Colorado. He is also a Field Active Member of Colorado’s Alpine Rescue Team and will soon serve as the Alpine Rescue Team’s President.

And finally, Wes has been an investment banker in the Denver-area for more than 30 years, specializing in financings and mergers for commercial banks. He even co-founded his own investment bank in 2005 called St. Charles Capital, which was Denver’s prominent boutique investment banking firm for 10 years.