Dr. Marta CartabiaMarta Cartabia is Professor of Constitutional Law in the Faculty of Law of the University of Milano-Bicocca, where she has taught the Jean Monnet Course in European Constitutional Law since 2005. She received her Ph. D. in Law from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy, and was a clerk in the Italian Constitutional Court from 1993-1996. She is Senior Expert for Italy of the Fundamental Rights Agency Legal Experts (FRALEX). She is a member of the editorial boards of several journals including Quaderni Costituzionali, Revista Española de derecho europeo and Rivista Italiana di Diritto Pubblico Comunitario. Cartabia is the author or editor of several books - including most recently I diritti in azione (2007) – and articles including “Prospects for National Parliaments in EU Affairs,” in Genesis and Destiny of the European Constitution (2007), and “Europe and Rights: Taking Dialogue Seriously,” in The European Constitutional Law Review (Volume 5, Issue 01, February 2009, pp 5-31).