DABOUB, Juan José 

Juan José DaboubJuan José Daboub, Ph.D., joined the World Bank in June 2006.   He is the Managing Director who is responsible for the Bank’s operations in 74 countries (in Latin America and the Caribbean, East Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East and North Africa). In addition, Juan oversees other administrative vice-presidencies and functions, including the Information Systems Group (ISG) and the Department of Institutional Integrity (INT).

Prior to joining the Bank Group, Juan served concurrently as El Salvador’s Minister of Finance and Chief of Staff to the President.  In this capacity, he helped to navigate his native country through several regional economic challenges – securing and sustaining El Salvador’s investment grade rating, dollarizing the economy, and completing a Free Trade Agreement with the United States.  During this period, he also oversaw the reconstruction of El Salvador after the two earthquakes in 2001.

In 2004, he joined former President Flores of El Salvador in forming the America Libre Institute, where he worked in several projects implementing proven public policies that had been successfully deployed throughout Latin America.

Juan holds a BS, MS and PhD in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.  He was born into a closely-knit Arabic Family, raised in El Salvador, and educated in the United States. He is married with four children.