DELL'ASTA, Adriano

Adriano Dell'Asta

Adriano Dell'Asta was born in 1952. He graduated in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan.

He currently teaches Russian Language and Literature at the Catholic University in Brescia and in Milan as an Associate Professor in Russian Language and Literature.

He is a member of the Ambrosian Academy's Class of Slavistics, vice-President of the “Russia Cristiana” foundation and a member of the international scientific committee of the journal “La Nuova Europa”; he is also part of the advisory committees to the international theological journal Communio, and to the journal of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Humanitas.

In his research work he has focused especially on some crucial aspects of Russian culture in the XIX and XX centuries, exploring above all the subject of religious philosophy and that of art and literature in their relationship to political power.

He has published over a hundred scientific papers and he has participated in a several national and international conferences (at the University of Moscow, in Minsk, in Char'kov, at the Russian Avademy of Sciences). In the context of philosophy and religious culture he has studied thinkers such as Berdjaev (writing a book: La creatività, Jaca Book, Milan, 1977; and editing several works), S.N. Bulgakov, Florenskij and Solov’ëv (he is editing the italian edition of Solov’ëv' Works which is being published by “La Casa Di Matriona;” five volumes have come out and a sixth one is in preparation).

On the literary side, besides the XIX century classics (in particular, with several essays on Dostoevskij), he has worked on some of the major authors of the XX century: Babel’, M.A. Bulgakov, Grossman, Sinjavskij, Solženicyn, Šalamov; among his most recent works in this area it should be mentioned that he edited the Italian edition of M.A. Bulgakov's Novels and short stories (2000, published in Mondadori's Meridiani series) and of the Complete Works of I.E. Babel’ (2006).