GREENE, Francis

Francis GreeneDr. Francis Greene has taught French literature, culture, and Fine Arts at St. Francis College since September 1968 and serves as Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and Fine Arts where he holds the rank of Professor. He holds a Doctorate in French Literature from Rutgers University and a Master of Philosophy in Art and Architectural History from City University, New York. Dr. Greene was founder of he College Honors Program, served as its first Director and continues to teach Honors Program seminars. He was chosen Outstanding Professor in New York State for 1999-2000 by the Carnegie Foundation for Excellence in Teaching. He is a frequent speaker and presenter at academic conferences throughout the United States and has published extensively in journals such as THE FRENCH REVIEW, THE MODERN LANGUAGE JOURNAL, MEASURE, and SYMPLOKE. His most recent article appeared in SYMPLOKE, Vol.5, Nos.1-2 “Building the New Berlin for the New Millenium.” He is co-editor and contributor to a book entitled PERSPECTIVES ON 9/11, (Praeger, 2005).