Allan J. Jacobson, PhDProf. Allan J. Jacobson received a B.A. in Chemistry from St. Catherine’s College, Oxford in 1966, and M.A., and D.Phil. degrees in Chemistry from New College, Oxford in 1969. He continued at Oxford doing post-doctoral research in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory until 1970 when he was appointed as Fellow and Tutor in Chemistry, Keble College, and Departmental Demonstrator in Inorganic Chemistry. In 1976, Dr. Jacobson moved to the United States to take up a senior research position in the Corporate Research Laboratories of Exxon Research and Engineering Company. While at Exxon he worked in a number of research areas including lithium batteries, intercalation chemistry, zeolites, separation membranes, and heterogeneous oxidation and hydrotreating catalysis. In 1991, he left Exxon and joined the faculty of the University of Houston as Robert A. Welch Chair in Science and Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. While at the University of Houston he has been Director, NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center on Advanced Oxides and is currently Director of the Texas Center for Superconductivity. Dr. Jacobson was a member of the National Materials Advisory Board (2000-2003) and was the U.S. Editor for Solid State Ionics (1999-2004). He is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the DoE Energy Frontiers Research HeteroFoaM Center, Associate Editor of Solid State Ionics and Materials Research Bulletin and on the Editorial Advisory Boards of the Journal of Solid State Chemistry and Solid State Sciences. Dr. Jacobson’s research interests are in inorganic solid-state synthesis and in solid-state ionics related to ion transport membranes and fuel cells. He has published over 419 papers and has 47 patents.