LAWRENCE, Frederick


Frederick LawrenceFrederick G. Lawrence (A.B., St. John’s College, DTh, Ph.D., University of Basel)  is an American hermeneutic philosopher and theologian, and a specialist in Bernard Lonergan, teaching in the Department of Theology at Boston College. He runs the annual Lonergan workshop and is editor of Lonergan Workshop, which publishes its proceedings. He also convened the First and Second International Lonergan Conferences at Rome (2001) and Toronto (2004). He was a student of Bernard Lonergan at the Gregorian University, Rome, and is today one of the foremost interpreters of Lonergan’s thought and an acknowledged hermeneutical philosopher in his own right. He completed his dissertation on the hermeneutical circle in the thought of Gadamer and Lonergan, and his thesis had the unique distinction of being appreciated by both thinkers.