Pablo Martínez de AnguitaPablo Martínez de Anguita is a Spaniard Ph.D. professor of forestry and rural development at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain, and a visiting professor of natural resources at Oxford University. He has also taught Resource Management at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (2006-07) and at the United Nations University for Peace (San José, Costa Rica). He has worked at the United Nations Forum on Forestry (UNFF) as a Spanish Expert since 2002. He also serves as an adviser to the International Timber Trade Organization. He is the author of several books and scholarly articles, most of them in the field of environmental economics, and has worked on more than 40 forestry and environmental projects of which the creation of the Bi-national Peace Park “Padre Fabretto” between Honduras and Nicaragua is one notable contribution. He has also developed projects related to resource management and education in Sierra Leone (Africa). Along with forestry, Dr. Martínez’s interests include what he calls the “ontological” dimensions of the environment, which were sparked during his studies of “ecotheology” in Harvard and through studying Msgr. Luigi Giussani, which led him back to living his Catholic faith and developing the concept of “environmental solidarity” as a way of understanding the relationship between the Mystery, nature and creation, and human beings.