Isaac MonteleoneIsaac Monteleone spent the most defining part of his childhood in a small Kansas town, living in a turn of the century white house. At that time, everything was as mysterious, carefree yet ominous as the house he dwelled in. It was here that his artistic mother first influenced him with artwork of her own. She would latter gift him his first oil paints and open his world to color and texture. Getting lost in the vivid colors and shapes of comic books also inspired the young artist. Their brightly hued scenes of battle gave him a sense of violent heroism that would later be refined in his art as the heroism of morality amongst corruption.

Now as grown man, Isaac uses these themes consistently in his art. He himself has described his artwork as first and foremost as ominous and relational, displaying figures that are meek, juxtaposed to the dark worlds that they live in.

The growing storyboard artist has a background of firefighting and healthcare work which also attributes his appreciation for the human body. In observing his work, you'll get to know Isaac better than conversation can achieve. Get to know Isaac Monteleone.