NEUHAUS, Richard John

Richard John NeuhausFr. Richard John Neuhaus (1936-2009) founded The Institute on Religion and Public Life, a nonpartisan inter-religious research and education institute in New York City. You all know him as editor-in-chief of the Institute's publication, FIRST THINGS: A Monthly Journal of Religion, Culture, and Public Life. Among his best known books are FREEDOM FOR MINISTRY, the famous NAKED PUBLIC SQUARE: RELIGION AND DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, THE CATHOLIC MOMENT: THE PARADOX OF THE CHURCH IN THE POSTMODERN WORLD, and, with Rabbi Leon Klenicki, BELIEVING TODAY: JEW AND CHRISTIAN IN CONVERSATION. His most recent book is CATHOLIC MATTERS: CONFUSION, CONTROVERSY, AND THE SPLENDOR OF TRUTH. He has been the recipient of numerous honors from universities and other institutions, including the John Paul II Award for Religious Freedom. TIME magazine, in a 2005 cover story, named Fr. Neuhaus one of the 25 most influential religious leaders in America.