Dr. Elvira ParraviciniElvira Parravicini is a neonatologist at NewYork Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and assistant professor of Pediatrics at Columbia University.

She is the founder and medical director of the Neonatal Comfort Care Program. This program is available when there are no medical or surgical treatments available to help babies recover and offers a multidisciplinary plan of care to provide a comfortable and loving environment to terminally ill infants and their families.

Dr Parravicini is a team member of Prenatal Pediatrics, whose aim is caring for babies with abnormalities before and after birth.

Dr. Parravicini has also been working on kidney development. Currently her major research focus is the study of urine NGAL (Neutrophil Gelatinase Associated Lipocalin) as an early biomarker of acute renal failure in very low birth weight infants.

She is author of several scientific communications, medical articles and book chapters.