David C. SchindlerD.C. Schindler is Associate Professor of Metaphysics and Anthropology at The John Paul II Institute at The Catholic University of America, in Washington DC.  He received his BA in Great Books at the University of Notre Dame, his MTS at The John Paul II Institute in theological anthropology, and then an MA and PhD in philosophy at CUA.  Schindler works on the themes of the transcendentals (beauty, truth, and goodness) and their anthropological correlates (love, reason, and freedom), above all in ancient Greek philosophy, classical German philosophy, and modern and contemporary Catholic philosophy.  He is the author of many books—most recently Freedom from Reality: The Diabolical Character of Modern Liberty (ND Press, 2017) and Love and the Postmodern Predicament: Rediscovering the Real in Beauty, Goodness, and Truth (Cascade Books, 2018)—and the translator of Ferdinand Ulrich’s Homo Abyssus: The Drama of the Question of Being.  He is also an editor of the North American edition of Communio.