Samuel Sentmanat Mr. SAMUEL SENTMANAT began his music studies on the violin at age ten with Houston Symphony violinist Michaela Oancea-Frusina. At the same time he developed a special love for the music of the Medieval and Renaissance genres; a love he maintains in his current studies. Later he worked with Dr. Joseph Cease, a career Hollywood studio musician and retired professor of musicology from the University of California at Berkley. While attending the University of St. Thomas, Mr. Sentmanat became close friends with the late Mr. Edward Lawrence, an expert pianist, string player, and music theorist. Under the inspiration of this friendship, Mr. Sentmanat began developing the ideas and pedagogy for “Musica Humana”, a growing string and choral program that provides training and background in the classical tradition. He also regular engages in church music and choral ensembles and lives in Houston with his wife and little girl.