Face to Face with...John Waters

How we became too clever for God and our own good

Presented by Crossroads Cultural Center and The John Paul II Cultural Center

Irish Times columnist and renowned social commentator John WATERS discusses his book Beyond Consolation: How we became too clever for God and our own good, in which he explores the modern culture’s sabotage of hope in the name of a mis-defined freedom.

Our work is marked by the desire to share with the world a passion for what is human and the remarkable richness of the cultural life that springs from an education in the Catholic faith. Our adventure is one of discovery, and we have invited John Waters to help us on this path. While he hails from Ireland, the pertinence of his experience for us here in America speaks to the universality of the heart of man, with its need for and promise of fulfillment. This is particularly relevant today in what Charles Peguy calls the post-Christian world, in which God is no longer essential to the workings of personal and societal human life, a life that seems to have been slowly sapped of its reasons for hope. In his latest book, Beyond Consolation, as well as previous ones, John Waters has described this post-Christian society—including some of its causes and effects-- with poignant and sometimes jarring personal experiences, offering commentary and, ultimately, the hope for such a world, which is an encounter with a Christ as present as you are here reading this text. For us, John is a kind of Everyman on the road—not the Answerman, but one willing to walk—and sometimes fall-- with us on our way toward a greater destiny.

The event is open to the public and free of charge.

About this Event

Date: Monday, September 20, 2010
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: The Pope John Paul II Cultural Center
3900 Harewood Rd., NE, Washington, DC 20017
Metro: Redline to Brookland/CUA

About the Speaker

John Waters
Journalist for The Irish Times, author and playwright


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