Discovering New Talent in Filmmaking

A screening of the finalists of the Fourth Annual International Short Film Festival

Organized by the Meeting of Friendship among Peoples, in collaboration with the School of Visual Arts of New York, and Crossroads Cultural Center

With the participation of Reeves LEHMANN,Chair, Film, Video and Animation Department, School of Visual Arts, and Salvatore PETROSINO, Director, Film, Video and Animation Department at the School of Visual Arts

This year we are very pleased to introduce an outstanding selection of short films. They all are good examples of what movie-making is about: a form of art. However, we must be clear about what the word "art" means: not just a subjective expression of an individual personality, but an objective reflection of the universal human quest for meaning. This year we had a good example of a movie that truly deals with this quest, Mallick's "Tree of Life." As many of you know, the movie explores the themes of creation and death through the history of an American family from the 1950s to the present. Unfortunately, movies like it are rare.

There is nothing as symbolic of our situation as the fact that today filmmaking is routinely described as an "industry." Without being polemical, we must say that we are not hosting this event because we want to be part of the "movie industry." Of course, we all need to make money in order to live, but we also need something more. We will not try to define what this "something more" is, because, in a sense, this is the question that animates every artist, including our participants today, but we would just like to add that becoming aware of the human quest for "more" is the core of a true education. Hence, what we are sharing in this event is not just great art, but also an opportunity for a human education, which is really the fundamental motivation for the Rimini Meeting Film Festival.

About this Event

Date: Friday, June, 17, 2011
Time: 7pm
Location: School of Visual Arts
209 East 23 Street, New York
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About the Speakers

Reeves Lehmann
Chair, Film, Video and Animation Department, School of Visual Arts
Salvatore Petrosino
Director, Film, Video and Animation Department at the School of Visual Arts


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