The Risk of Education: An Introduction to Reality in its Totality

A discussion of education with Keith KISER, Headmaster of St. Joseph Catholic High School, Holly PETERSON Professor at the University of San Fransisco and Christian Brothers High School, and Dr. Dominic A. AQUILA, Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of St. Thomas

Presented by Crossroads Cultural Center

What does it mean to educate and what does it mean to be educated? Is it enough to attend top-notch schools, achieve excellent test scores and participate in extra-curricular activities?

The foundation of every educational endeavor is what it proposes as the reason to live. Does American education today attend well enough to this fundamental purpose of education? Is there more that educators can do to strengthen this first principle and, in so doing, enlarge the scope of what it means to be successful?

During this event we will discuss the fundamental factors of education in light of Luigi Giussani's book, The Risk of Education, and through the experiences of our speakers.

About this Event

Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: University of St. Thomas
Anderson Hall - Room 103
Houston, TX

About the Speakers

Keith Kiser
Headmaster, St. Joseph Catholic School
Holly Peterson Ed.D.
Professor at the University of San Fransisco and Christian Brothers High School

Dr. Dominic A. Aquila
Vice President of Academic Affairs, University of St. Thomas


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The Risk of Education: Part I

The Risk of Education: Part II

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