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New York Encounter 2013: "Freedom Is the Most Precious Gift that Heaven Has Bestowed upon Men" (Miguel De Cervantes)

NEW YORK -Opening remarks by Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete accompanied by witnesses and a poetry reading

With Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete and Tony Hendra

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Chesterton and Christmas: A Serious Affair

NEW YORK - An homage to Chesterton's love for Christmas through conversations, readings, and choral music

With Fr. Ian Boyd, Dermot Quinn, Tony Hendra, and the Communion and Liberation Choir under the direction of Christopher Vath

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Peguy and the Cathedral of Chartes: A Love Story

An art presentation by Francis Greene, art historian, with special guests Tony Hendra, writer and actor, reading Peguy, and The Choir of Communion and Liberation

With Francis Greene and special guest, Tony Hendra

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