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NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2011 - Infinite Desire

NEW YORK - An homage to Giacomo Leopardi on the occasion of the publication of his poems in the U.S.

With Jonathan Galassi, Davide Rondoni, and Joseph H. H. Weiler

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NEW YORK ENCOUNTER 2010 - The "Rimini Meeting": An Extraordinary Example of Faith Lived in the Public Square

NEW YORK - Eyewitness accounts of the largest week-long public cultural Catholic event in the world. The Rimini Meeting for 30 years has sought to create points of contact between experiences and people of different faiths and cultures.

Keynote Speaker: John Sexton, President of New York University, with Brad Gregory, Emilia Guarnieri, Daniel Sulmasy, Joseph Weiler

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Knowledge is Always an Event

WASHINGTON, DC - The Rimini Meeting, 30 Years of Dialogue

With Samuel A.Alito, Mary Ann Glendon, Joseph Weiler, Paolo Carozza, Jane Milosch, Lorenzo Albacete, and Marco Aluigi

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Can Faith Broaden Reason?

A Discussion on Faith, Knowledge, and Experience in Light of Msgr Luigi Giussani’s New Book Is It Possible To Live This Way?

With Lorenzo Albacete, Julián Carrón, Robert Pollack, Joseph Weiler

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